Beyond Dinner wins Erotic Film Award at Erotikos Film Festival!

Beyond Dinner wins Erotic Film Award at Erotikos Film Festival

Film Based on Gate Dinner (pronounced ga-tay)

The film that is based on the Gate Dinner that many of you have participated in at the three day Ecstasy: Advanced Tantra course Beyond Dinner won for “Best Short” film at the Erotikos Film Festival in Jamaica in mid September.

Recently the film had its US Premiere at the Erotic Heritage Museum in Las Vegas on October 13th where it was inducted into the museum along with the other festival winners. What an honor to be part of erotic films genre!

Beyond Dinner Follows the Basic Principles of Gate Dinner

The women and men are seated on pillows on the floor in the dining area for Beyond Dinner. In order to give people room to shift and spread out for the ritual feast, the floor is best.

The banquet is approximately eight courses for this special dinner.

First I offer a workshop on setting boundaries so everyone knows how to say “Yes” and how to say “No.”

They also learn how to say “Not now, maybe later.” This is fundamental before the feast begins.

To begin we do a meditation where everyone goes into and stays in their highest heart space, a space of honoring from the divine, the God or Goddess within throughout the event.

After the meditation, the first course of flowers petals and rose water is served to cleanse the body with heart vibration.

The couples each sip a bit of rose water and then anoint their partners with petals honoring the energy centers of the body, the Chakras.

The excitement really begins when the men are instructed to leave the partner they arrived with and move to the next woman in the circle.

And so it goes…with each course, the men move thus all participants have a chance to experience feeding and being fed by others in the room.

Courses consist of red wine, juicy orgasmic chocolate dessert before the meat and potatoes are served to give a sense of the forbidden.

Oh, and did I say there are no utensils, but there’s plenty of wine.

As the evening progresses and the guests get more relaxed, they experiment with different sensuous ways of feeding and eating.


Beyond Dinner Film has a Twist

In this film version of our dinner ritual, Beyond Dinner takes us in a different direction.

Searching to keep their relationship enticing, a married couple attends an erotic dinner party full of sensual foods and interesting people.

The experience stirs an erotic appetite that is beyond dinner.

because a couple arrives at the dinner who have no experience with Tantra, with Butterfly Workshops, with anything that we’re doing.

They’ve never participated in a ritual, never breathed and squeezed. Nothing. So, things take some interesting turns as they navigate through the experience.

I don’t want to tell you too much! I will tell you it is funny, educational, beautiful, sexy, sensuous – EROTIC!

I really want you to see this erotic film for yourself!

And you can NOW ORDER the film for only $2.99 to rent and $5.99 to download. When you click on the trailer, you’ll discover how to order the film.



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