Have a Love Affair With YOURSELF

Several years ago, of my gal-pals called me and said, “I’m walking down a new path, starting today. I’m going to have a love affair with myself. I’m taking a room at the beach and doing nothing but be kind to myself for [...]

Meditating Moment by Moment

By KM Huber In almost every post, I blog about present moment awareness, yet I, too, experience many moments that are less than mindful. Sometimes, those moments last for weeks but mindfulness has taught me that all moments pass and by staying [...]

When the Center Can No Longer Hold, What Then?

By KM Huber Dukkha is the first of the Four Noble Truths in Buddhism and is usually translated as suffering, a concept that has always appealed to me about as much as the phrase falling apart, hence my on-again, off-again nearly thirty-year [...]

The Whole World That is Home

By KM Huber It is revealing how far one will travel only to discover that one was always home. For me, it is always a return to the reality of everywhere I go, there I am. The last time was just a few months ago, a physical distance of over [...]

The Beauty and Chaos of Meeting our Edge

By KM Huber “The reason everything looks beautiful is because it is out of balance, but its background is always in perfect harmony” (Shunryu Suzuki). Appreciating present moment awareness as beauty can be a challenge for just as readily, [...]

Unhooking: Letting Go of the Story Line

By KM Huber Far too often we get sucked into our emotions, stuck in story lines that repeat and repeat. It causes us pain, emotionally as well as physically. There is a Tibetan word, shenpa, that is often translated as attachment but Pema Chödrön [...]

The Open Mind: Like Water Through Rock

By KM HUBER The open mind, so essential to mindfulness—experiencing without judging—may also be “the gentlest thing in the whole world” (Byron Katie). Not surprisingly, that which is most gentle is most powerful for the open mind, in [...]

The Wonder in the Color of Water

By KM Huber There is such wonder in the color of water for it “…takes on the image of the entire world without ever losing its essential clearness,” whether it is a drop in an ocean, a riffle in a mountain stream, a puddle newly born of [...]

The Art Of Peace, One Deed At A Time

By KM Huber As impossible as peace seems, whether worldwide or within each one of us, there is an art to peace, and if we will recognize that art, we may find a way to global and personal peace. Of course, we start small. Whenever I consider [...]

You Are Enough…and Always Have Been

By KM Huber There is an art to being enough, although most of us struggle to believe that we are ever enough. How can we know? Far too often when we want to see if we measure up in any or all aspects of our lives, we look outside ourselves, [...]