ICE (In Case of Emergency) Mobile Phone Tip

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On your mobile phone, create an ICE contact.

Here’s How To Do It:

  1.  Create a new contact.

  2. Type ICE in all capital letters, then follow with the name of the person you want contacted in case of emergency.

  3. Add the phone number and address of your ICE Contact.  If you have a second phone number, include it.

  4. Add your relationship to your ICE Contact.  For example, Spouse, Daughter or Son, Friend or Neighbor.

  5. Go to the bottom of the form to NOTES. In Notes, list your name, your allergies, meds you are taking, meds you can’t take, and your known medical conditions. Put your doctor’s name and phone number in, too.

Now, if you are unable to speak for yourself, and a First Responder has access to your phone, s/he will check ICE (because they always look there first!) and find your Emergency Contact.

And that helps them help you!

And if you haven’t yet filled out the workbook, learn more about it here.

IN CASE OF EMERGENCY: WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN I CAN’T TELL YOU is available in print or digital download.


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