November 22nd, 2012 JFK Event AT The Roxie Theatre

November 22nd, 2012 marks the 49th Anniversary of the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, the 35th President of the United States of America. John F. Kennedy’s assassination has proven to be one of the most pivotal moments in our nation’s history. Since that day back in 1963, the events surrounding the assassination have been fueled with both controversy and speculation as to what really happened. The Roxie Theatre will be honoring John F. Kennedy on November 22nd (Thanksgiving) by screening the director’s cu

 t of Oliver Stone’s 1991 film JFK. In addition to the film screening, several highly regarded experts on the Kennedy Assassination have agreed to take part in a discussion of the events surrounding the assassination. This is a rare and unique opportunity to gain great insight into the Kennedy Assassination and how it has shaped the world we live in.

Guest Speakers:

Judyth Vary Baker – Judyth Vary Baker was Lee Harvey Oswald’s girlfriend at the time of the Kennedy Assasination. During their 5-month relationship Judyth was introduced to key players in Lee Harvey Oswald’s world, all of whom would ultimately present themselves to be involved in the assassination in one way or another.

Saint John Hunt – Saint John Hunt is the eldest son of “super-spy” E. Howard Hunt, a 27-year career C.I.A. covert agent and Foreign Station Chief, most well-known as the Leader/Director of the White House “plumbers” black bag team, whose botched burglary & arrest led to the impeachment & resignation of then President Richard Nixon.
James H. Fetzer – A former Marine Corps officer who served at the same Recruit Depot and Rifle Range where Lee Oswald took his training, has become one of the leading authorities on the death of JFK in the world today.

Paul Kangas – Paul Kangas is a USN veteran of the Cuban Missile Crisis and in 1962 served Under Commanding Officer, George H.W. Bush of the CIA. In April of 2011, Paul marched as the only American soldier in Cuba in the million man march honoring the 50th anniversary of The Cuban victory at the Bay of Pigs.Kris Millegan – Kris Millegan is a writer, researcher and publisher who’s father was in the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), Military Intelligence G2, and the CIA. Kris’s 30 year research has made him an expert on such subjects as CIA drugs, Clandestine Operations, and Secret Societies.


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