Recruiter Human Resources Training Change Development Leadership Coaching

It’s imperative that we continue to provide innovative coaching and leadership to organizations human resources management infrastructures.


• Organizational Development
• Talent Acquisition
• Employee Relations & Employee Retention
• HR Department Implementation
• Lean Management & Thought Leadership
• Legal & Compliance
• Merger & Acquisitions
• Compensations & Benefits
• Training & Development
• Change Implementation
• Diversity & Culture Awareness


Quinn Hedrick Consultancy is HR Consultant working directly with the CEO, CFO, VP of HR, and Directors of HR for startup organizations with fifty employees or more with projected growth. Best practices for counseling and advising HR professionals with strategic innovative guidance. Provide long term goals for my guest / partnerships in regards to employee career development fostering a collaborative work culture. Work with team leaders (front line managers) about employee self-motivation and team motivation resulting in higher productivity.


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