San Francisco Travel Essentials


EssentialsGo is the leading concierge marketplace for travelers and hosts needing national brands and luxury products expedited quickly and easily to their location.


Members of EssentialsGo can also ship necessities in advance of travel, saving time and luggage space, 365 days a year.


Along with individual products, EssentialsGo offers unique travel boxes filled with favorite essentials that can be customized to each individual’s preference. Members have access to a personal shopping service where customer wishlists are built by an EssentialsGo team member, creating a customized bundle of travel necessities.


The company also provides hotels and hosts unique products for their highly valued guests, whether they are in need of toiletry supplies or want to pamper guests with special gifts in their room.


Care essentials range from beauty products, medicine, baby and children’s necessities, bedding, laundry items, cables and chargers, daily travel essentials and luxury travel items.


EssentialsGo’s commitment to exceptional customer care 24/7 means travelers and hospitality clients receive same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay area, or can choose from several options of expedited shipping to all 50 states in the U.S.


For more information or to learn how to become a member, visit www.essentialsgo.com.


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