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Carrie Henderson, suffering from hysterical amnesia, finds herself standing in the middle of the street in Tarrytown, NY, covered in blood and with no memory of how she got there or whose blood is all over her. To recover her memory she is taken by the Guides to the misty village of Renaissance, where she meets and falls in love with heart surgeon, Frank Donovan. But is she free to love Frank or is she tied to someone else by marriage? 

Frank is enchanted with Carrie from the first moment he sees her, but he know she’s a wounded soul and he has his own demons to come to terms with, his part in the death of his wife and child. Until he conquers these demons, he can hope to help Carrie or love her as she deserves to be loved and cherished.  But Renaissance has a way of healing the most damaged hearts and souls. All they need is faith and trust to give birth to the miracle of lasting love. 

“Cleverly plotted to make the reader believe there is such a place somewhere for broken people to come heal.” —A Romance Review



Holiday, Contemporary Romance

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