No Room for Fragile Egos—A Spook’s World

By Ellie Ann This is spook and spy thriller author, Intelligence Operative “Jay Holmes.” Holmes is a man with experience in intelligence and covert operations who spent decades intimately involved in fighting the Soviets, the East Germans, [...]

Josephine Baker–Dancer, Singer, Booty Spy

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes We often expect our military heroes to come equipped with great athletic prowess and years of grueling training. A few ultramodern, nearly-magic gadgets and good looks don’t hurt either. Josephine [...]

Booty Spy Hekmet Fahmy–The Fox Behind the Desert Fox

By Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* On June 10, 1940, Italy declared war on Great Britain. At the time, Great Britain lacked the resources to invade Italy, and Italy had no intention of invading Great Britain. However, the two enemies, along [...]


SKYFALL Review By Author Piper Bayard & Intelligence Operative Jay Holmes* SKYFALL marks the Golden Anniversary of the Bond series, and it’s raking in the serious gold—for good reason. In this 23rd Bond film, M and MI-6 are under attack, [...]