Want to have a good time? AND Support Breast Cancer Awareness?

A Vision of Health provides mobile digital mammography screening and breast health to all women, regardless of ability to pay, with the priority of serving uninsured and underserved women in a mobile coach/clinic right in their own neighborhoods. As part of California’s “Every Woman Counts” program, all patients are able to participate free of charge.

Our comfortable, modern step-aboard coach will feature the latest technology in digital imaging. This equipment, with its cutting edge technology, delivers 50% less radiation than conventional mammography x-ray equipment. It also delivers the highest quality imaging available. Digital mammography provides a clear image for the physician, immediately clarifying specific areas of interest.

We are currently in the process of affiliating with an eminent Breast Center of Excellence in Los Angeles so that, when needed, women can receive superior medical follow up.

Founder Debora Wright’s concept for our new non-profit organization is to be able to raise enough funds to create a Breast Cancer Prevention Program (BCPP). This will be a comprehensive program which will contain three components: breast screenings with top-of-the-line equipment, a nutritionist who will advise patients of their most essential nutritional needs through counseling and food logs, and a trainer who will oversee an exercise program.

Now every woman living in Los Angeles County, regardless of location, can benefit from our comfortable Mammo Coach’s high-quality digital mammography program that will reach all communities.


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